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there is nothing wrong with liking the color blue [entries|friends|calendar]

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RIP Gary Colman [28 May 2010|02:08pm]
In the Fall of 2004, I had an independent study as part of my senior year schedule. It was an architecture project, and my Dad & I went to this famous, huge model train store to pick up supplies for my scale model. We were in the store for a long time, finding the most obscure item ever, getting really excited about scale model supplies (geeks, I know) when my Dad goes "Oh hey, Lizzy look" while turning around and elbowing some midget in the face. My Dad's not really sensitive to other people, so I knew it must have been a pretty serious blow when I walked over and he was still apologizing. When the little guy was well out of hearing range, I pulled my Dad over and finally told him "Dad, the was Gary Colman!! You are lucky he didn't punch you back!" This was soon after Avenue Q came out, and all I knew about the guy was that he was angry and assaulted people. Turns out Gary Colman was a HUGE model train collecter, everyone in the store knew him. He really looked like a kid in a Candy store at the model train store. I hope you are having tons of fun in the Deluxe Model Train Diarama in the Sky little buddy! RIP
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Feeble Attempts at Humor [26 Apr 2010|07:01pm]
I've been volunteering as an after school math tutor/ teacher. 3 teachers rotating making a weekly worksheet & lesson to go over basic algebra that kids of all ages get tripped up on. However, the kids have little incentive to work on the work we give them, because it's all voluntary, and they don't have the incentive that they do for school work (we don't call their parents, give them detention, or suspend them). Therefore, I've been trying to create problems that relate more to things they like, but still drill the concepts they need to understand. It's really kinda sad how much fun it is to come up with these stupid questions. Example:

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[14 Oct 2009|08:15pm]
Officially freaking out about everything.
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Just a testament to how uncomfortable my bed is. [17 Feb 2009|01:42pm]
So I'm a compulsive list writer, as in I can't go to sleep until I write down everything I know I need to do the next day. So yesterday, I made the mistake of grabbing a felt tip pen to write my list with, then I made the mistake of forgetting to put the top back on. So I woke up this morning with pen literally all over myself, I knew I wasn't the least bit drunk the day before, so I was definitely confused. There was pen on both hands/arms, one knee, and my face. After an intense shower, there is still some on one arm. Here is a lovely visual:

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New Blog [10 Feb 2009|02:11pm]
I've just started a blog for my thesis project. I know, I'm just creating more places that I won't end up updating, but I want it to be separate so that my advisor can look at it (not to mention family and friends, duh) and comment.

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[23 Nov 2008|12:25am]
I have no idea what I want
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[01 Oct 2008|11:22am]
applying to grad school is a very scary experience
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Funny Moment [22 Sep 2008|01:18am]
So yesterday, I went down to my building's lounge in search of some entertainment. What I found was 4 girls watching Sex and the City. Whatever, I had nothing better to do, and I hadn't seen a tv in over a week so I stayed down there. Eventually, we got to talking because they were all just waiting for the next show anyways and they were all English except one Irish girl. One girl from Liverpool was downright hysterical both because her accent was so heavy and the things she was saying were somewhat funny.
So earlier in the day one of the big tube lines shut down because someone was run over by a train. All the stations have train indicators to tell you when the next train is coming, and the news of the train accident was put up on there, which was how I knew about it. Some kid was talking about how his bloke was AT the station that it happened at? Well if that doesn't scar you for life, I don't know what will.
Anyways, I told them about the NYC Subway Hero from last summer some time. I was like "Yeah it was all over the news and I think he got a key to the city for it and everything." So the girl from Liverpool turns around and says "I mean, it's just New York? Couldn't they have given him the key to somewhere more exclusive? Where is his key to fucking Narnia?" I was gone.
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[11 Sep 2008|05:26pm]
Happy Birthday Mary!

Uhh, for your birthday, I got myself internet.

For everyone who doesn't know, I'm in England right now. Mainly, I'll be posting here:


However, everything that isn't parent/relative/co-worker friendly will still show up here.

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I don't want to talk politics! [26 Aug 2008|10:59pm]
I've been watching the Democratic National Convention. Tonight, Hillary Clinton has her speech. Anyways, I was watching all the stuff leading up to her speech, and it got me thinking. They showed Bill Clinton entering the stadium seating accompanied by a standing ovation. I got stupidly emotional about the whole thing because, to me and seemingly tons of other people, Clinton symbolizes so much. The news team even said "Elvis is in the building!" Clinton is a rock star now. He and Ted Kennedy are the two democrats that are just as important as symbols as they are as active political members.

So here is what baffles me. I know there are people out there who feel as strongly about GW. As much as I may see it as irrational, it's true. Maybe not quite so many people, but still some people, and that's very weird to realize that someone can feel just as passionately about opposing views.

Also, look at Chelsea Clinton and then look at the idiot Bush twins! When I was younger, I seriously looked up to Chelsea Clinton. I'm pretty sure my sister and I wrote letters to her on several occasions! (Yeah, I'm a dork)
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[28 Jul 2008|02:35am]
While I was in the airport today, I found out that Randy Pausch died on Friday. It's not like it wasn't totally inevitable, but for some reason, in my head, I had this idea that it just wasn't going to happen. Kind of like when a character dies in a book, I always wonder if I misread something. Anyways, it made me super sad because I've been checking his blog for a while now.
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I'm hungry and watching the food network... it's a pretty bad idea [01 Jul 2008|01:38pm]
Watching TV on comes Anthony Bourdain doing a special on food in LA, which he hates. He goes to a bunch of hot dog places, including Pinks, but the weirdest one that I had never heard of before is Oki Dog. Apparently an Oki Dog is two hot dogs in a tortilla with cheese and a bunch of other stuff. I think its like a hot dog burrito. His reaction to LA is hilarious, and he though the Oki Dog was the most disgusting thing, although, I don't know how it could be. He also called Beverly Hills the Heart of Darkness. Hilarious!
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[24 Jun 2008|11:39am]
This kid is 21!

Yep, its my birthday. It's gonna be a pretty boring one because I'm still sick, which is lame. However, I'm not too down about it because I know I'm gonna party it up in NYC in less than a month.

Yesterday I got an MRI which don't bother me really except that they had to inject me with some liquid to up the contrast of my blood vessels so they can be seen better. As a result, I got one hell of a bruise because the intern who had to inject me was not so skilled. I think I made her day though when I didn't even flinch when it happened. Maybe soon, I will have further answers to my unusual brain activity. heh

Tomorrow I have my first appointment for visa paperwork to go to England in the fall. It's crazy the kinds of things they asked in order to apply for a visa. One question that made sense but took a while to answer was "Have you ever left the country? If so, please list with dates and purpose of your overseas visit" !!! Made me realize how many places I've been. Also, I'm glad I'm not any older, because that question only gets harder to answer.
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[14 Jun 2008|08:01pm]
I've been cooking a lot to avoid actually working on anything. Today, I went to this big farmer's market and got tons of fresh food. A while ago, I started to try and have only one meal a day with meat. Now that I have access to tons of fresh stuff, its been way easier. I got a great deal on beets, which me and my mom both like, and cooked this great salad . It was delicious and I'm already looking forward to the next time I can make some. I also made an arugula and goat cheese quesadilla that was pretty awesome. Earlier last week I discovered quinoa in a dish from the food bar at Whole Foods. Its delicious, good for you, and it looks really cool. I'm determined to make something with it soon.

Other than food, I haven't been working much. I was away for part of the week at my cousin's graduation from high school. It was an interesting affair filled with classic family moments. About midnight the night before, his mom was laying out the ol cap and gown, and I asked if they were allowed to decorate their caps. Out of nowhere, she comes up with about 12 different cake-toppers of basketball players (the kid's been playing since forever). We eventually get 4 to stay securely on the four corners and I made a make-shift tiny basketball out of an orange ping pong ball and some hand drawn lines a la sharpie that was put on the center of the hat (where the tassel goes). The next day, he was told he was not allowed to have 3D objects on the hat, so the 4 figurines had to go. But the ping-pong ball had been sewn in place, so they couldn't remove it. It was awesome, because out of a class of nearly 600 kids, we could easily pick him out of the crowd. Also, he liked his modified hat so much that when it came time to toss his cap, he purposely only flung it a short distance so that no one else could steal it (because apparently a couple of his friends wanted it). So yeah, that went really well and I'm excited for him as he starts college next year.

picture of his capCollapse )
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[13 Jun 2008|01:46am]
the price of gas/airplane tickets is making me so sad
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[10 Jun 2008|04:25pm]
Something I Keep Failing to Mention on Here: I actually have a knitting blog. It's totally corny, but its mostly to keep me in check with how much I'm getting done. I was at a loss for blog names, so its called Chronicles of Yarnia. (http://yarniachronicles.blogspot.com/)

Today, I cooked and knit and cooked more. Then, I took this picture:

ps, those ARE christmas tree/ reindeer pj pants
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[30 May 2008|02:16pm]
MY finals went pretty well. The biggest concern my teachers and me too) had was my lack of interest in color. So I am attempting to work on understanding color and exploring combinations.

I have to write about this awesome ghetto pantone book I made for myself

It's Color Aid in binder sheets for slides. I think its pretty ingenious. Also, its a weird shape, so I had to make the binder too. Those book making skills really come in handy at the strangest times.
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[13 May 2008|07:56am]
my apartment is an ice box!
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[18 Apr 2008|08:14am]
My sister just sent me this:


I personally find it really disturbing. I'm not even really decided about pro life/pro choice, but this is just ridiculous. Not to mention the kind of reputation it gives art majors.
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[13 Apr 2008|05:06pm]
I have just seen the first MacBook Air out in the wild... too bad it belongs to a cocky Brown Student
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